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    open ports xp...

    I was reading in the forums about ports like netbios and messenger and how disableing them if you dont directly need them can be good because there an open door to your computer. After seeing the movie "warriors on the net" I definetly have a better understanding of how it all works..
    although I was wandering im using windows xp sp1. Is there any other ports that I should close I use norton fire wall with norton anti..and have had great success with these but I know nothing about the other services in the administration tools, and I dont want to disable something that windows needs. How can I better learn whats good for my computer?

    Milhouse vanhousen

    ps. I've had my comp. scanned by norton services and gibson research both came back o.k.

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    There are *tons* of threads here dealing with your issue. However, check this out. It will help you.
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    wow great site. I'll keep reading the threads to , I typed in "open ports" in the search, Didnt really come up with what you gave me. Thanks

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    warriors of the net is a EXCELLENT beginners tutorial animation. EVERYONE should watch that... even if you know all about tcp/ip, its amusing, and well done.
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    & if your too lazy to make your own reg tweak at BlkViper, here is one I made at his site.

    Resource:search bar feature AO | how do you close ports |

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    Firewall is always a gd idea to close ports and keep them closed.
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    You can check the open ports through internet, there is web site which provides this services to check how secure your pc from outside world. Recently using site check my security. I think this site is very helpful. Just check it out and play around it.

    Hope this can help...

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