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Thread: Finding an IP

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    Unhappy Finding an IP

    I can easy find my own but how do i find someone else's?? ?

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    If you know their host, just ping that host, It will show you the IP
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    You have to have some type of connection established, like sharing a file through a chat client, then use netstat. . .or maybe email headers. . .
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    Hey Hey,

    It all depends on where you are trying to find the IP. You could tail your apache logs and you'd see the IP of everyone who connects to your webserver, the same goes for any other server you are running. You could ping the hostname like Vigge said or you could use nslookup or dig if you have the hostname. If you are on an IM like MSN or Yahoo then the advice that bludgeon posted is your best bet. If you are on the same LAN ping the computer name and you'll get the IP back.

    Of course the easiest way is to just ask them, but there are several methods you could use.


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    What are you trying to do?
    What kind of IP addy.......cable, dsl, dial up?

    If you are like me, you have IPs with blocks of addys...every time I log out and back in again (OK crash out.....don't rub it in!) I get a new addy

    I suspect you are trying to link up to play a game? need to phone up first and exchange the info?

    Bit more information would help?


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    [Some firewall will give u the ITP's of those who Ping ur PC, or u can Ping theirs.]
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    if you want an ip of a website, just do a whois search or download this program:

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    A reason for such a request goes a long way. There are many reasons for wanting a IP address. Not all of them good.
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    although his/her reasons maybe evil...better we lead them in the right direction than to send him to an evil genius who will teach them much more than finding an ip addresssssssss

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    there is program you can see all the connect you have when you connected with internet. it's TPCview. you must have connect with whoever you want to see.

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