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Thread: Help me w/ wargames plz!

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    Question Help me w/ wargames plz!

    Can someone show me how to play a wargame I mean i have found some but they dont help you or tell you anything !!!!

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    Grrrrrrr..... You didn't even tell us which one and where its located. (There is a wargame someplace HELP ME). With informative posts such as this why even bother playing them...

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    Then learn, thats the whole purpose of the game.
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    Hi Krazymonkey,

    I think your choice of name is apochryphal?

    What sort of games do you go for?...............strategy? first person?

    what do you have?

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    Based on your "how do I find a IP address" post, your not ready for wargames. READ READ READ. Start with basic TCP/IP....
    also see this video, as I think it may help
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    let us know which wargame it is, perhaps we can give you a hint, i've done ( and still doing) several myself...

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    Okay the first step in solving any problem is identifying it. You started a wargame. You need to have some sort of information/clue/restrictions on the site where you found it. If that's not the case, you need to have an IP/address/something that you need to 'fight' with.

    From then on you should read a lot of stuff. TCP/IP as avenger_jcc recommended, programming, Linux [I hope you're not dreaming of doing much with Win, I mean if it's a serious wargame you shouldn't be able to get too far with Win only], a "Grammar and Punctuation" reference, etc.

    But, honestly, if you don't know these things already, leave wargames out for a bit. Learn for now. Yeah, they can be killer-frustrating if you haven't a clue on what to do. And nobody can really give you a walkthrough for that, I mean, why would they? It defeats the purpose of the game.

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    Wargames are generally a challenge to either breakinto a website or to find a waekness and escalate ur right and privileges..

    BTW it would be good if you shared the wargame with rest of our members also
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    Go here

    This a direct link to a very good configuration of those characters present in our alphabeta. If you can't figure out the rest then you need to consider a new hobby. Once it loads just print it and read it from top to bottom. Once you have completed this step read it again.

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    Did you read MsMittens Article?

    Also, I have noticed every one of your post is something that can be searched for. Do you know how to use the search feature?

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