I installed Mandrake a few days ago, and after messing with it a little, i came to the conclusion that it had served it's purpose (partition without using YaST or a third party program so i could install SuSE). Well, so i put in the SuSE boot disk, started the FTP installation, and YaST comes up with my partitioning. it was gonna format /hda7 (w/ reiser) and /hda6 (swap partition). That seemed ok. But when i went to configure GRUB, i was going to put windows as default, but it didnt even give show windows as a selection. I think the selections were : Linux (default), memtest, floppy, and failsafe. i assume this has something to do with mandrake being installed because my windows partition is fine, im in windows now. so, my question is, how would i uninstall mandrake 9.1 download edition without losing the partitions? thanks


[edit] could i do something like go to Disk Management in the control panel and Hightlight the partition with Mandrake on and run a format? [/edit]