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    Unhappy Anonymous Surfing

    what's up ppl

    i have quick question...i know that let's your search anonymously.....but w/out using programs is there a way to fix your proxies so that you can search for free? and maybe w/out a prog?

    if so....please state some proxies? or how would i go about doing so.....thanks


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    You can set your browser to use a proxy - google for anonymous proxies:

    This link tells you how to use internet explorer with a proxy-

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    Yep, However, (and there is always a however!) you may need to get permission to use some proxies. Failure to do that could subject your ISP account to some close scrutiny or at a minimum the proxy admin will close it up tight if it is abused. Remember you are not invisible to everyone and you do leave a trail. But, they offer a reasonable amount of privacy and they're are many free and public proxies.

    After you find some thru google as Fatphatom described....

    For IE 6.0: click on tools > internet options > connections > settings >

    Then look right in the middle of the window, place a check in the box and fill in the info and port.

    Mozilla: click on edit > preferences > expand the advanced option > click on proxies > click on Manual proxy config > and fill in the requested info.

    other browsers are simular, or click on help.


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    Heh heh, there should be enough stuff on those pages to last you a while. I love Google


    EDIT: On you'll have to go to page 9 since the first 2000 proxies are for members only. That should still be plenty though

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    i have always used this.

    it hasnt let me down, But there are so many options you can find on google

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    well i think using a proxies may help you surf the internet as unonymouse, comfiguring it on your interent options..

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    Lightbulb See this!

    What you dont try this link?
    If I understood the idea:
    -They have a program that will enable you to surf the web with secure traffic ( even the ISP will not detect your traffic), all the traffic is encrypted and redirected (proxied) via thier proxy.
    it's for Windows (there is free-limited version)
    try it!
    Beware of security guys!

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    Some more links for proxies...

    Keep in mind that alot of these only redirect traffic..and reveal your IP still, I beleive it was HTTP_REDIRECT, but i'm not entirely sure. So don't think that your completely anonymous. Theres a program called MultiProxy that allows you to chain with proxys automatically..don't know if anyone said that before..but if they didn't google it.

    The first link I gave has an anonymity tester for the proxies they have so thats pretty useful....

    But don't plan on having a proxy as a safe wall to hack behind... Legally in the US whoever owns that proxy has to give up information regaurding certain illegal activities, whatever they may be. I'm not sure about other countries but I would expect them to have similiar laws.
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