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Thread: How u book mark!!

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    How u book mark!!

    How u book mark!!
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    What? You mean how do you bookmark websites.? Go to the website and click Favorites-> and then Add To Favorites and then "ok".?

    Delete this thread now. unbelieveable.
    Maybe he/she really didnt know.

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    Well, I am going to assume he is talking about here. Or here:
    # Your Note Pad
    # Your Bookmarks <<<<<<<<<<<<<
    # Your Journal
    # Your Music
    And if that the the link and use one of these:
    Popup Browse
    Add Link
    Random Link
    Statistics & Options
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    I am a firm believer in the saying "there is no such thing as a stupid question"

    If you are using mozilla bookmarks>add to bookmarks>select folder>ok
    I dont use IE..But favorites>add to favorites>file name>ok
    Many sites will ask you if you want to bookmark them

    that should do it.

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    book mark_boyle2002 for a party ? i think he gets that nekked way when hes drunk enough not guaranteed so no refund is he ends up shouting profanities at a mirror for around 45 minutes then ankle dances to the first seat he can see and passes out dribbiling on him self and wakes up and random intervals screaming things about vietnam

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    delete this
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    you should be able to delete it yourself
    go to the first post should be an edit button click it
    check the box to the left of delete then go to the right and click the other button that says something like confirm deletion
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    Or you could hit Ctrl D keys to bookmark a page/site

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