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Thread: Hacker (13) takes down GRC.COM via DDos attack...

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    Hacker (13) takes down GRC.COM via DDos attack...

    I just had to post this link:
    I know, I know....
    The Sub7 is ooold news, and so is this article, but I still got a kick out of it...
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    nice i haven't come across this...
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    Still a good post though; I enjoyed it.
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    Post yep

    Ah it might of been an interesting but the bottom line is that in the end the "skid-kiddies" were just trying to be 3li73, witch we all know would never happen if they use sub7 the number one skidie t00l.


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    yeah and Steve has always been a bit of a "Prima Donna" ..

    And this particular story over 2 years old.. very old.. tired
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    Now, Now, Undies.

    Steve has always been a bit of a "Prima Donna"
    Don't you go knocking my "Professor of Paranoia"

    I generally recommend Steve's site to students as there is some interesting stuff there. This particular article I recommend as a good case study because it is well (over?) explained and is old enough to be harmless? Also, students are supposed to research all sorts of opinions and then form their own.........and Steve certainly has opinions

    OK If I had to suggest a single site, that would NOT be the one............

    I look on it as a "history lesson" in the field of computer security, and I certainly remember enjoying it when I read it a couple of years ago



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    I read that about a year and a half ago. It was a good read seeing how I did not have any concept of security back then, except to use an AV program.

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    I enjoyed reading that article. First time for me. Well there's nothing better to do at work than to read.

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    I am curious to find out what hacker 12 did?

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    eeheh its a bit old info but still comes in handy
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