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Thread: Program in C for 100 Factorial

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    Program in C for 100 Factorial

    I know Calculating Factorial for any number is easy.but how about in C which has very limited number bytes for integer. It can calculate till factorial 20 or so.. I tried Using long int but it has its own limitations .Using long it can calculate till 40 factorial.But i want till 100 Factorial . any clues...???
    by the way i have used TurboC , windows 98

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    I just found that... I'm going to compile it now and test it out. I'll get back to you.


    Edit: Just tried it out. It appears to work fine but I can't make very good sense of the code; there are absolutely no comments or explanations.
    That was another result on (great source code site).

    Hope some of this helped you. Later.

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