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Thread: Hackers Book

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    Hackers Book

    in order to know security we must learn in how in protecting security by tryin to break it!

    question......any good books in hacking? or security that is?

    please state title and author if possible

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    Check the product and book reviews there is a pretty good listing in there.

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    There's bounch of tutorial in internet, just look for it. And also you can join Hacker Forum, it is worth. But before you join any hacking field, you have to know about networking jargon... I myself not very fimiliar with these jargon.

    I suggest you this site

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    MicroSoft Macro Assembler Bible by N. Barkakati & R. Hyde
    Advanced Assembly Language by S. Holzner & P. Norton
    C++ primer pluse.
    unix in a nutshell.
    Addison Wesley - 1988 edition of BASIC A problem solveing approach.
    Yet another classic Michael F. Hordeski - Troubleshooting & repairing PCs beyond the basics.
    The Korn Shell third edition - Anatole Olczak
    Learning RedHat Linux... a mighty damned good book. The CD Also has everything in it.

    But as for Hacking exposed (Web and linux) was ok... the other hacking exposed books I though were really shity and were pretty much just introductions to the other books they made. Many books that try to be like this one are even worse. Also you will never learn much from l33t h4x0r text files either.

    I said it once and I'll say it agian. If you want to find and take advantage of buffer overflows or crack software then learn ASM. If you want to do lame crap like dDoS and trojan someone's box then grab a compiler and play with sockets, if you are interested in defacements then get into mixture of all of the above includeing networking and web-dev.

    Since "how can I hack" "where can I get info on it" is so commonly said... im just going to repeat myself agian. Its less of a state of mind than it is just another scene.

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