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Thread: What do i use???

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    What do i use???

    I have a question concerning C-C++ compilers.

    I've heard of programs like Bloodshed/and dev also I have heard about ones like CodeWarrior etc..
    Which one should i use?
    im getting started in Programming C and i run Xp at the time so the compiler has to run on that platform..


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    Bloodshed, Without question.

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    This question has been addressed many times, and you can find some help by searching the forums.

    Anyway, as for your question, it depends on what you want to accomplish. I think Bloodshed's IDE is good, but the in-program help files are weak (but there are excellent on-line tutorials about the MINGW compiler (is what Dev C++ uses). I personally like it because it's fast, free but not easy; it's not Microsoft and it's not Borland... it's in the middle somewhere, heh.

    But if you wanna spend the money and get support, a pretty box, help files and other stuff, then try Borland C++ Builder 6 or Micorosoft Visual C++.NET. I personally do not like spending that kinda money.

    It's usually about budget, not what your needs are. LOL

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    by now I am using "Dev C++" and i like it and as alittlebitnumb said it is fast. I guess you can download borland C++ 5.5 freely now.
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    I am a big fan of MSVC++, one of the best MS products IMHO...
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    "I am a big fan of MSVC++, one of the best MS products IMHO..."

    That's a good one, that sure is.

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