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Thread: Is this a secret?

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    Is this a secret?

    Why is it im seeing “Microsoft Code leaked” everywhere. Even Microsoft themselves “finally” admitted “Yes, the code was leaked” like its breaking news when the fact of the matter is the code was stolen sometime before Oct. 2000:

    Microsoft computer network hacked; FBI steps in
    Last modified: October 27, 2000, 1:45 PM PDT
    By Paul Festa
    Staff Writer, CNET


    The hackers who broke into the company's computer systems gained access to some of its key programs but did not change them, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said Friday, according to Reuters.

    "It is clear that hackers did see some of our source code," Ballmer told Microsoft programmers and reporters at a seminar in Stockholm, Reuters reported.

    i've seen no recent mention of this anywhere.

    So why are they referring to this as “a leak” as if the code was released to someone un-authorized by an employee. The fact of the matter is it was taken by people that break into computers. It was taken almost four years ago. Which is why we’re not seeing anything about XP or 2003 only NT and win2k. i guess they were hoping everyone forgot about this....let me remind you.

    IMO the thieves have released only the code they no longer have use for to the public at a final dig at MS, and we still don’t know what they have.

    its about time that we get to see what the people that break into our computer already know.
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    Tedob1 read this if you haven't yet .. [ just totally guessing here ] :
    Microsoft confirms Whistler leaked, investigation under way

    Although the Whistler code has disappeared from the Internet for now, it could well re-emerge, which could present a number of problems for Microsoft. Many features seen in preliminary versions of software don't make the final cut, leading to possible customer backlash when consumers learn what was left out.
    This happened four years ago if I am correct [ feel free to correct me if I am wrong ].
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    i have seen a poll somewhere... where the two options were: whether microsoft should make the code open source now, or not!!!
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    As far as I know this is a new 'leak'. It seems some company that had access to parts of the code (under an NDA) leaked it.
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    Long discussion on the leak as it happened last week

    The present leak represents two code snippets (large number of files -- about 30,000+ for 2k representing about 100MG of about 4GB (??rumored) of final code). It is/was leaked from Mainsoft, a company that has had a partnership with MS since 1994/1995. MS regularly (it seems) releases its code to various companies and countries (Russia, China, India, etc.) so it should be really no surprise that the code did get "leaked". The question still remains as to how the leak occurred. In that, was it similar to the Valve leak (double click on an email and the rest is history) or was it something else (deliberate?)
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