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Thread: American Boy & American Girls

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    American Boy & American Girls

    The song goes by the title and its country or something i think but i dont really know the name of it...(its not American Boys and American gitls) ....or at least i think so cause kazaa did not have what i want
    ...does anyone know the name of song/band?

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    Do you mean the tune 'He is an American Boy' ? Sorry, don't remember the artist right off hand.

    [Edit] or probably this Just an American Boy by Steve Earle
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    the song starts out as "american boys...and american girls....etc" lol i dont remember the rest and its not that guy either (Steve Earle)....just checked

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    try counting crows. the title is actualy "american girls". or maybe toby keith "courtesy of the red white and blue"

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    Pretty sure that zombiemann got it, it's Courtesy of the Red White and Blue by Toby Keith. Toby Keith kicks all kind of ass, he hasn't released a song in like 5 years that I didn't like.
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