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Thread: SCO after Google?

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    SCO after Google?

    On November 18, 2003, SCO said that within 90 days they'd file suit against "a large Linux user", to "expand the scope of our legal battle with the open-source operating system".

    The 90 days are over, so speculations have risen.
    In November, when the statements were made, many people thought of Google as the target (LinuxWorld).

    SCO in November denied that Google would be the target, saying they hadn't picked their target yet.

    Google however was one of the over 1500 companies that received a letter by SCO stating that by using Linux they are violating SCO's intellectual property rights.

    More to follow

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    When these big companies feel there isn't a lot to them anymore, they try to find scapegoats. SCO's business 'insuccesses' can be now attributed to the OpenSource Community for being what they are. I wish to see the day when MicroSoft will start suing for property rights, similar to SCO. Who would use MS ideas anyway? [but MS uses things that I know to have been integrated into GNU/Linux for a while now, like the sidebar and desktop switcher to be introduced in Longhorn [though downloads for similar tools can be found on the Windows site, at PowerToys for WindowsXP]

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    I totaly agree with ya hypronix on that scapegoat point. Right now I'm thinking that SCO should forget about fighting the hole free world and focus on what I'm hoping microsoft is doing and getting ready to push a new and inproved/better product to combat the Linux invation. Let them fight with new innovations and technology and let us reap the benifits. Thats my $0.02
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