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Thread: Form-based file transfer

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    Form-based file transfer

    A guy I know using a form to transfer a file to a server (currently on my LAN), but he's having a huge speed problem. Right now, we're using Apache's FileUpload class:

    but we're having horrible speed problems in it (I timed each part, and the times I'm about to give are for FileUpload.parseRequest() ONLY.
    For a 1.6MB file, here are the times I calculated (3 trials each, averaged):
    Internet Explorer: 21030ms
    Konqueror: 3100ms
    Netscape: 3070ms
    Mozilla: 3111ms
    Galeon: 3110ms

    My question is, why is IE so much slower, and is there some way around this? I used 2 different computers and got similar results. Because most of our target audience will be using Windows with IE, this is a bit of a problem.

    Any idea how to get around it?

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    you can always persuade people into using another browser by putting a link such as...

    This is best viewed with _________ and a link to the broswer.

    I have been a fan of Mozilla's Firebird/Firefox.

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