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Thread: McAfee doesn't work behind Squid Proxy

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    McAfee doesn't work behind Squid Proxy

    I'm currently using McAfee v6.02.3000 on Windows XP SP1. However not to long ago when I set my proxy up and running on my Linux box the AV stoped working. It says "Unable to connect to update server" and nowhere in the setting does it have a proxy setting (that I can find at least).
    Now I know that thousands of people around the world are able to update their AV's and be behind a proxy at the same time. So why can't I? Any good ideas on what to do?

    Thanks in advance!

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    hmmm...i do not know how the mcaffee av does check for proxy...
    my av does the check evvery update connection,
    but may be mcaffee did only once at installation time.
    ok, just guessing, but try to remove the software and do a fresh install
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    Typically, AV updates are done via HTTP or FTP so there must be a setting somewhere in the McAfee software that deals with networking and proxies. Once you find it, point it (obviously) to your squid proxy on the appropriate proxy port. Is this McAfee ASaP? Enterprise?
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    If you make the proxy transparent... then you don't need to fill out proxy addresses per app...

    I *think*.

    When I setup smoothwall or ipcop (just to play). I set the proxy to transparent, and I didn't have to config my apps to use a proxy. (This box was setup as a gateway device though... with FW, IDS, etc.)

    In ``ordinary'' proxying, the client specifies the hostname and port number of a proxy in his web browsing software. The browser then makes requests to the proxy, and the proxy forwards them to the origin servers. This is all fine and good, but sometimes one of several situations arise. Either

    You want to force clients on your network to use the proxy, whether they want to or not.
    You want clients to use a proxy, but don't want them to know they're being proxied.
    You want clients to be proxied, but don't want to go to all the work of updating the settings in hundreds or thousands of web browsers.
    This is where transparent proxying comes in. A web request can be intercepted by the proxy, transparently. That is, as far as the client software knows, it is talking to the origin server itself, when it is really talking to the proxy server. (Note that the transparency only applies to the client; the server knows that a proxy is involved, and will see the IP address of the proxy, not the IP address of the user. Although, squid may pass an X-Forwarded-For header, so that the server can determine the original user's IP address if it groks that header).

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    Its McAfee Pro. which I bought about 2 years ago. Ever since I've keept it completely up to date untill I installed a proxy.
    Trust me I have gone through every settings tab I can think of in AV but I can't find any proxy settings anywhere.

    I did talk to the McAfee support but they keept on twisting my question to make me look as if I was somebody who didn't know what I was talking about and were constantly blaming the fact that I haven't updated it/I'm not connected/I have a firewall/I've not renewed my subscription/etc. I know that this is all false, because if I was to rewire the way the computers connect to the net so that the WinXP box doesn't go through a proxy then it works fine.
    In the end they told me that I need to buy a new copy of McAfee, I was just like "thanks, I take it thats not going to support any type of proxy either is it? So that would be another £25 down the drain!!"

    [edit] You got there before me
    Thanks phis, I'll start working on it as soon as I can [/edit]

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