Intel also updated its vision for WiMax, the metro-area wireless networking standard that the company thinks will help solve the last-mile problem of broadband penetration. Only Japan and South Korea have more than 50% of their households using high-speed connections to get on the Internet, and WiMax could help increase that figure in the U.S., Maloney said.

Wired broadband connections are costly to install and maintain, but WiMax will jump over all those hurdles, he said. During the first half of 2005, consumers should be able to install an antenna on their homes that can access WiMax signals, and the technology should be advanced to the point where connections are possible without an antenna by the end of 2005, Maloney said.

WiMax products are expected to roll out this year, he noted.,90322,00.html

OMG, I guess we can't afford to install real wires to give everyone broadband,
so why not wireless instead? Security issues? What me worry?