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Thread: Spam in Yahoo Mail

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    Spam in Yahoo Mail

    Hi all, recently my email inbox filled with spams, I can't stop them anymore, because "blocked address" already full. I don't know how to get out of this problem... I have to take a few minutes to remove them... and this will decrease the productivity of my work. Is anyone could or got any ideas how i can protect from being receive this spam again..

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    You can report your spam problems at spamcop-

    Dont give out your email address that much- if you need to, then format it so it looks like: (just a example.. thats not my real email addy)

    so spambots cant get your email.

    If the spam keeps coming, you can tell yahoo about this or make a new email account.

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    Get a new email address, or live with it. It is, after all, a free account.

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    Thanks Buddy...

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    Originally posted here by groovicus
    Get a new email address, or live with it. It is, after all, a free account.
    exactly... get a couple of accounts. one for spam, one for mailing list(s), one for personal, one for registering with sites to retrieve passwords, etc (spam account)...

    I don't get ANY spam in my personal or work accounts... just cause I have all those other accounts. Works fine for me.
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    Or even better, if you have a mail server of your own..

    and you are registereing for let's say quicktime.. use (example)

    that way you can easily see who gave your mail addy to spammers

    also don't get involved in "chain mails"

    you get mails with hundreds upon hundreds of mail addies in CC !!

    educate your friends and threaten to mutilate them if they ever do add you to such a mail chain !!!
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    Check out my tut on this subject:

    Lots of useful suggestions.

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    Get a new e-mail addy?

    problem and takes time i spose but it solves the problem.

    Loads of phantom mail is coming from yahoo as well
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