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Thread: winstart001.exe??

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    i`m having many problems with my pc (win xp pro edition) , suddenly it starts opening windows and filein the desktop

    i-ve tried several antivirus (kaspersky, avast, norton) as well as some trojanremovers and they find problems with the winstart001.exe file

    i deleted it but the problems are the same

    can anybody help me???

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    you try any spyware/adware removal tools?

    They have been posed over and over... look in that specifc forum if you want to know more.

    adaware and spybot are two I'd start with.
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    I suggest you use this "Spy Sweeper" to scan your box. This Utilities block your PC from spyware, and eliminate suspicious files that may already be installed on your computer, and I found that very interesting, unfortunately, it's just trial version. You have to pay to get the Registered one.


    Hope this can help.

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    regarding winstart001.exe This is not a virus or trojan. The application may be removed by running an uninstaller, found on IGetNet's website:
    Network Associates -- Update October 17, 2003 --
    This detection was reclassified from trojan to potentially unwanted program as the author's intentions are not malicious. This change is reflected in the 4299 DAT files.

    This file may come bundled with another program, which discloses the fact that it is ad-supported. Users agree to have this program installed in the license agreement, although they may not realise at first that this particular file was packaged with the product they installed.

    When executed, two files called WINSTART001.EXE and rules.dat are dropped into C:\Windows\System

    This trojan installs the IGetNet application (WINSTART001.EXE is already detected as IGetNet application).
    most antivirus are ineffective against spywares/adwares. I suggest you scan you computer with Ad-Aware or Spybot . and also with CWShredder

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    also a hijack this scan wouldnt hurt.
    dpwnload, scan and post the results here.
    Gives us a better look at your systems installed stuff
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    Please remember to deactivate system restore before trying to remove malware........otherwise it will just come back if you do a restore.

    Turn it back on afterwards.


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