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Thread: Vote for your Fav TechTV Host

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    Vote for your Fav TechTV Host

    If there's anything computer geeks love more than next-generation hardware and massive RAM, it's hot giga-babes. With the provocative motto "New things. Turn us on," the upstart TechTV network goes for the hard drive of nerd-dom by staffing its prime time lineup with some model-caliber techsperts. These plugged-in girls gone wired are just the motivation millions of guys need to drop their optical mice and shift their attention to the boob tube for a few hours a night. Now in 43 million Nielsen homes, these women of TechTV enjoy the most rabid fan base of perhaps any network, if you judge by their popular blogs, copious fansites and endless waves of e-mail and IMs.

    "A lot of guys are completely into computers, and no girls that they know relate," explains a TechTV staffer. "Then they see an attractive woman who is hitting the spot for them, talking about operating systems and different programs, and they go nuts."

    So, who is your favorite TechTV personality? Which of these sexy techies would you like to see go wireless in Playboy? Vote in our Geek Love poll. Then come back Monday, March 1 to meet the winner and find out if she'll pose for
    Cast Your Vote Here

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    I think anyone here who has seen TechTV already knows about it, and what is the use if there will be no nudity?????

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