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    Question Google

    Hi all,

    I made a www sites for one little company. Their name is La Boutique Suisse. Strange thing is, that until now when I typed in google La Boutique Suisse - this sites were in the 6th position. Today when I typed La Boutique Suisse - sites weren't in the first 10 pages (i didn't look further). My first thought was that sites was for some strange reason penalized... But when I try to search for "la boutique suisse" (yes with that quotation marks) or other key words like luxusnĂ* hodináøstvĂ* (czech language) sites could be normally found. And in the most cases they are in the first page, sometimes in the first position... Also when I try to search for La Boutique Suisse only in czech language, the sites can be normally found.

    So anyone knows why is in the case of searching La Boutique Suisse (without quotation marks and in all languages) this huge fall? Some changes in google algorythm? Or is here somethig I'm missing? I know that noone really knows how google count his site rating but any advice would be apreciated...


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    sun7dots, I doubt that this will really help you, but it might explain a little about what is going on with google:
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