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Thread: Need for Speed: Underground

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    Need for Speed: Underground

    How many have played the new Need for Speed: Underground? That game is awesome. It brings the detailing that Gran Tourismo 3 has, and merges it with the high speed that all the Need for Speed titles have. The only bad side is that it doesn't have the realistic crashes that Burnout 2: Point of Impact has. If it did, it would be the best racing game out there.

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    Yep yep. I finished it

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    i have played all the versons of need for speed (well almost) . i think it is the best racing game but i agree with deathmetal it dosen't have the realistic crash affects like some other racing games. i also like midtown madness. i havent finished it as yet i am looking forward to finishing it pretty soon

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    I love that game! I haven't finished it yet though... I keep switching off between Zelda, Wolf. ET (PC online) and Need for Speed. Sometimes, I just can't make up my mind...

    I agree with you though... the only thing I don't like about it are the crashes... but the game totally rocks!
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    Me and my buddy finished that game a week or so ago. Awesome game!


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    I played all versions from 3 to underground and underground is the best one til now but hot pursuit 2 is also good...a lot of action with police in it

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    Ah i found this one just as "BORING" as the others.
    nuff said.


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    why would you find that boring? it's an extreme speed racing game, with cars that you can modify.

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    w00t need for speed Boring?? . i like the game very much. it is one of the best car racing games. i don''t know why you find it boring.

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    there is one game that is better the NFS: UG, Burnout 2: Point of Impact. the only thing that makes this better is the extreme crashes. the only downside, the cars can't be moded.

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