A new security start-up backed by the intellectual capital of perhaps the best-known security personality of the past five years is set to unveil its flagship solution at next week's RSA Conference.

Intrusic Inc. will be showing off its Zephon system, which is designed to pick up where today's existing security technologies leave off. The solution does not attempt to detect or block scans, attacks or intrusions. Instead, it combs networks for evidence of successful compromises and then provides detailed statistics and recommendations on how to remediate the problems. The idea is to eradicate the actual problem and not just the symptoms of the problem.
Intrusic, based in Waltham, Mass., is the brainchild of Justin and Jonathan Bingham. But the guy who is drawing attention to the company is Mudge, also known as Peiter Zatko, one of the original members of the L0pht and @stake Inc. Mudge left @stake two years ago and has been semi-retired. He's now Intrusic's chief scientist.