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Thread: How to display a windows explorer frame within a web page?

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    How to display a windows explorer frame within a web page?

    Greetings all,

    I thought I'd ask the question here as I came across the subject item on a web search for 'security' related items a few months ago. I came across a 'security' site telling me that I needed to "learn what the hackers are doing so you can protect myself."

    As an example of this 'education,' on the webpage was dispayed a frame that looked exactly like a windows explorer window with scroll bars, little folder-shaped directory icons, etc. and the files within this frame were the files present in my C:\ directory. I remember thinking it was pretty cool, but wrote it off to some client-side script - it wasn't actually allowing internet access to my C:\.

    Now, I'm trying to figure out how the thing worked. What did they use to create the effect. Javascript? PHP? And of course, I have no idea where I found this site or what the URL might be.

    So that's my question. How to display a frame that looks like a windows explorer window within a webpage.

    I figure other security junkies may have come across this page, or at least a page that has something similar....

    Thanks, I'm obsessing.


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    Alright I just want to start off by saying I could be 100% wrong on this one (feel free to correct me) but I am under the impression that it is something along the lines of somehow inbeding http://C: into the what ever... html etc. I couldnt tell you how to do it directly but hopefully this helps a little (providing this info is correct)
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    If I recall correctly,
    it's an iframe (inline frame) with file://c:\ as base url...

    I think a little googleing should be able to provide you with all the answers . . .
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    What's the link Jinx where you can tell if you are open to the world?

    http://<your hdd>:\ is that what that is?


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    Thanks a bunch

    Thanks a bunch:

    in notepad enter:

    -----cut here-----
    <IFRAME SRC="file://C:">

    -----cut here-----

    and save as ....test.html and open it in IE.

    Kinda cool. Guess I've slipped on the whole learning curve thing.


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    Pretty cool. right to the point, easy to try and to understand, thanks
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