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Thread: password hacking in xp

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    password hacking in xp

    i wanted to hack a password which will be asked during start of windows xp

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    hm yeah ok. Do the following. Start-run-> type in command-> then type in ping Then type in . net user "your username" *(random letters).

    Next time you log in you should be able to see all the passowrds.

    and keep this in mind.

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    i wanted to hack a password which will be asked during start of windows xp
    Could you tell us why? If you have admin rights to the computer, just go to the control panel and user accounts, then you can change the passwords.

    If your trying to get the password for non-malicious purposes, there are other approaches to asking the question.

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    If you are trying to HACK some one elses computer, or gain admin rights on a box that you are just an user on. Than put the system disc into the CD Rom and reboot the system. Press F8 as it boots and select to format the hard drive. Reinstall the operating system and set it anyway that you like.
    Of course you realise though, that whomever owns the computer will not be very happy with you the next time they go to use it.
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    I am afraid that we cannot answer your question. If you think about it, this is a "public domain" and anyone can read it.

    Even if your intentions are honourable, we do not know about those of the guests/visitors?, and it would be socially irresponsible of us to post that information?

    I take the view that if people cannot find this sort of thing out for themselves it renders them harmless..................and that is the way I like to keep them


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    Famous quote from Eric Steven Raymond 'this is cracking go away idiot'. But I am a nice person so here you go click on start, go to run, type: 'cmd' brings up the command prompt type the following:

    net user handle * /domain

    net user handle 123456 /domain

    where handle is is where you would in put the (username) You have to have admin access to do this.

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