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    Powerful Linux for you...Get it now

    Hello Friends...

    Which Linux are you using now. Are you sure that it is best for you?? In your openion which is most Powerful and Stay able in all circumstances like Programming, Networting, Scurity, Hacking, Antihacking etc......... Which one

    A) Slackware B) Mandrake C) Redhat/Fedora D) Debain

    Just click to get all kind of Linux...(Free Downloadable)
    Hello Dear..

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    There is a very similar thread here which you might want to read.

    I like SuSE though, as its stable and easy to use. While at the same time its a great desktop workstation and a perfect server without any problems at all. Also, I've found the YAST2 Firewall to be great in stopping attacks. In terms of hacking I don't see it being any different from any other version of Linux, as a program written for one flavour will work equally well on another one.
    However to answere your question I'd go for A) Slackware, as it is an extremely robust OS
    Just my €0.02

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    Yes the distro that I am using is the right one for me. It does everything that I ask of it. As HDD said, there are a couple of threads with the same theme. Also, I have seen this exact same post on other boards, you sure do get around

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    You know, it doesn't matter which linux you use as long as you are comfortable with it.You can download and install pretty much anything you are missing (that's easy enough) but it requires some brainpower to actually configure things the way you want, regardless of distro.
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