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Thread: full screen on a laptop using xp?

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    Question full screen on a laptop using xp?

    Does anyone know how i would be able to play low rez games in full screen mode on my laptop. Right now i am using a old dell with xp pro. The video card on it is called neomagic zx (4mb). When i had windows 98 on it i was able to go full screen on 512x380(fast) and 1024x768(coppy) but now i cant even pick 512x380 because its not there anymore. all other modes would look like a small box in the middle of the screen with a black frame. i cant find newer drivers for the video card. The service tag for my laptop is r22x8 if that helps. If any one can find a way to go full screen in lower rezzes it would really help me out thanks...

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    You could try running the game in win98 compatability mode. There is an option to run in 640x480, which will get you pretty close.

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    IMHO you have upgraded the operating system beyond the true capabilities of your hardware, and beyond the backwards compatibility of your new OS.

    I would not have expected WinXP to do much with less than an 8Mb card? To be perfectly honest I am surprised that you can see anything at all!!!!!

    I would go back to Win98 if I were you (Second Edition if possible).

    Jimmy's suggestion might work, but I have personally not had much luck with that "feature" of WinXP

    Check the MS WinXP compatibility data on the XP support site...............if your kit is not listed, you are "on your own" so to speak...................apart from academic exercises and an excuse to go on the beer I see no reason to do this?


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    You can try win update to see if you can get an updated driver from microsoft. But i would have to agree with nihil, go back to 98se.

    Xp is slow as hell on all the older machines i have tried it on.
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