Product in review: Final Folder Security
Price: 17.95
Trial: yes, 30 opening times
Type: folder for all your private and otherwise not-for-other-eyes stuff
Found: on this site as a link

So I found this product and decided to find out what it was about. It basically installs with a regular installer and in the main folder (FINAL FOLDER SECURITY), there's a folder called MyLocker. When the program is started and the main password is entered, all the contents of the MyLocker folder are displayed.

If you close the program, it doesn't matter how you try to access this MyLocker folder, it won't be allowed, *regardless*. DOS, directory traversal (forward/reverse), explorer typed-in addressing, IE/Opera/browser access, it doesn't matter. You're not getting in at all and if the window is open when the program is closed, that window is closed immediately. If it's opened before the program locks everything down, the contents aren't displayed and a message is displayed. Very very tight program.

Overall, a very good product if you want to have stuff on your machine that's not to be viewed by others. Fast algorithms for security are used and is great for storing pr0n and the like!