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Thread: Port Scanning

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    Port Scanning

    hey is there way to know if someone is scanning you?
    or pinging you? or trying to get into one of more ports???

    with and w/out a firewall please


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    Best thing to do is use a firewall to find out and make your computer more secure here is a link that has a list of firewalls to choose from

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    I dunno what OS you are running, but if you want to see who is scanning, probing and poking around, you might want to check out: and the docs

    Hope this helps you.

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    i'm using WINDOWS....

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    umm OKAY SO IT IS WINDOWS. Then you can still download it. Snort has been ported. Good luck.

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    a couple of free tools that make this easy are either tiny personalfirewall

    or agnitum outpost

    together with tiny logger which works with both and can be had from here:

    With TinyLogger you can:

    sort the log
    filter the log
    copy entries from the log
    search after specific entries
    export the log to a HTML file

    if you really get into doing this you can download kiwi syslog with which you can format your firealls output to a database format
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    If you feel like coughing up some money, Norton Internet Security does a bang up job at showing and recording intrusion attempts, portscans, etc, etc.

    I use it. I have been using it. I shall continue to use it. No viruses. No nothing.
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    I think sygate is a good firewall for the beginner level.
    And it is pretty self explanitory to utilize.
    Sygate, Zonealarm pro even though it has a flaw in smtp,outpost,vinsnetic I think that's spelled correctly, Etc Etc. But I prefer sygate.
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