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    Free Webspace

    Wow i really cant belive this ****...i just spent 30 mins online surfing google for free web space and there is a lot but all of them got banners and ads and this pisses me of...can somone provide me with this:

    at least 15MB space
    bandwith doesnt matter
    no pop-ups nor ads
    not too complicated website and sub domain (the thing im doing is for students in my school)

    i that kind of webspace provider
    thanks in advance

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    Did you check to see if your Isp offers you a personal web page I know some do. if they do that might be the best way to go.

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    I guess you missed the thread about free hosts that I posted..

    some free web hosts here

    /jenjen slaps DeadAddict with a large (slimey) trout ..

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    i too was looking for a "no ads" host that also supported ASP and the only one i came up with was brinkster but turns out they too have now started putting ads - i guess nothing comes cheap and good eh?
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    sweetintrigue.. did you look at the thread that jenjen posted ?

    there's a few good (free) ones listed there.. no ads.. with ASP support.

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