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    Unhappy Win2K Question


    I have a computer running in a cafe, the OS is win2k.
    I want to restrict my user from changing my wallpapers (as i get paid by co's for those wallpapers), and also the resolution and other display proporties.

    How to go about it and what tools to use.

    Thanx in advance.

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    I believe there is a snapin for this stuff so I did a search for it on google and here is the site that will help you on your way. Good old microsoft. there is also an easy way to disable what you enable and vis versa so you might want to think of disableing the regedit.exe command. Because in there I know my way around and could just delete the command for force wallpaper.

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    i can the software in this link can do the trick
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    under user restrictions in the display property there is a check box to diable wallpaper changing
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    group and/or local policy is the answer in my opinion. group if your part of a domain and local if the machine is stand alone (which i believe your box falls into the latter).

    You can configure in the policy not only restrictions on user access to display properties, but you can also set the default wallpaper.

    Here's a link of setting local policy specific to your problem:

    Also, as a previous poster pointed out, you'll want to restrict access to the registry. I'd add cmd.exe to that as well. All of this can be performed through local policy.

    Hope that helps...


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    I believe that you can restrict the changing of wallpaper, and access to the command line, registry and many other things from policies. I have in the past just disabled right click on the desktop and that dumbfounded enough people to discourage them. But as mentioned before you can manage the wallpaper, screensaver and amny otehr settings through good old Microsoft Policies, either local or domain.

    Hope that helps!
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