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Thread: only appears when i click reload

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    only appears when i click reload

    here is the problem...i am right now in school and am uploading files onto it takes my mainpage which has a link to the document i have but the document wont show up right away only when i click reload....see for yourself...


    the main page wont stay like that i just used it to try it out....but why dont it show up right away?
    thanks in advance

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    <a href="new_page_1.htm" target="_top">file:///C:/Documents and Settings/FHPS/Desktop/Site/new_page_1.htm</a>
    Could it be that it's referencing something on your machine rather than something on the website? (Path issue)?
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    It came up on both links for me. I did get a whole load of stuff from the firewall about allowing Microsoft Word for Windows access to the internet and permission to act as a server. It took significantly longer opening through the mainpage than just the document itself, but both links worked.

    Could it be something to do with opening the document directly in Word. Generally you go to the page then click on a link to open .doc & .pdf are also given the chance to download them first (so you can scan them first?)


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    I fixed it somehow by not doing all the c:/etc... and by just saying chapter15.doc but i also changed the website from the new_page_1.htm to chapter15.htm....that might have fixed it?

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