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Thread: shell vs. window?

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    shell vs. window?

    I was wandering if a shell (as in dos shell)is for commands and programming?
    and why is it not called a window?

    keep in mind ive been learning networking and programming for a less then a year.

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    I shell could more fully be called a command shell and they do allow a certain amount of "programming" called scripting. A script is basically just a list of commands to execute in order. There are a number of programming constructs available in most shells such as "for" in dos which runs a for loop. *nix shells such as bash provide the same, if not more, functionality than dos.

    A window is defined as "A rectangular area on the screen that displays its own file or message independently of the other areas of the screen. " by That is, a windows displays a program and the shell can be considered a program that runs inside your windowing environment. Typically these shells predate windowing environments so as in Linux and Win9x's case, the windowing environment runs on top of the shell whereas with WinNT/2K/XP, the shell is only emulated inside the environment.

    Hopefully this clears things up and doesn't make them worse.
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    No thats excactly what I was looking for.And go your team!!!! whatever there name is

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