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Thread: Getting my Domain back!

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    Getting my Domain back!

    About a year ago, i purchased a hosting package from (yeah, if i only know about them before i bought it....) and well, they thought i was taking up too much bandwidth (even though i signed up for unlimited bandwidth -_-) and kicked me out of their hosting. The good part was that they let me keep the domain and i was able to change the dns to another host. Now, the year has passed and my domain expired. I was expecting my domain to come back on the market so i can register it with godaddy or something, but it wasn't and after speaking to hostonce's customer support, they said it would take 45 days for it to be back on the market. Now, i have NO idea what to do. I really want my domain back but i'm not sure how to do it. If anybody knows, it would help so much if you can help. Thanks

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    Legally who owns the name? As far as I know if they own the name then they can hold onto it until their paid period ends, then if they don't renew it the domain becomes free. You could backorder the domain so that when it becomes free it will return to you:
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