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Thread: where do i find this trojan?

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    Question where do i find this trojan?

    Hi guys im looking for a trojan origanally called hack'a'tac which use to be found in the viri section of antionline but that section seems to be ramoved and the website that the programmers made to distribute it wont let u d/l it from them anymore it has an error finding the page. if anybody knows where i can get a copy of hack'a'tack 2000 or even just an older version i would appreciate the help.

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    I would tell you but i dont think i am supposed to...

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    I am afraid you will have to look on google for it, and German sites are your best bet.

    I am amazed that anyone would want a 5 year old trojan

    I hope you realise that if you try to download the executable, any AV worth the name should kill it? If yours does not I would strongly advise against visiting "those" sites with anything other than a dial-up, stand alone, labrat you will probably get a lot more than your trojan

    Take care

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    I found it on Google.

    How many times have people ask for **** when it is easily found on Google? Blah blah blah... download at your own risk, and you **** things up, it's your ass.

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    u should know that MS does not have any downloads at all

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    gee.. this is funny indeed.. needs to be moved to tech humor..

    (wondering why I'm even replying here but..)

    I see a link on that page.. top left.. and it's called "download"

    now go play nicely.. on your own network..

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