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Thread: Logging into XP accounts

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    Logging into XP accounts


    I have set up a limited user account in XP for day to day use, trying to contain any viruses that might find their way onto my machine. However there is only one "default" limited setting and I can figure out how to further tweak. I can still download the majority of programs (password stuff) and I am pretty sure I can fiddle with file permissions involving the admin account.

    Also how can one log into an account on machine without going through the login/welcome screen of XP? How can I hide an account from the login screen?

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    ok here it goes
    goto run and type "mmc" (no quotes)
    goto file and click on add/remove snap in
    click on the add button
    select local users and groups then click ok or finish can't rember witch right now
    close the add snap in window
    then under console root you will see a tree with local users and groups on it
    expand it and click on users
    select the user you want to edit by double clicking it
    then goto "member of" tab and add what capibilities you want or turn off things you don't want
    hope this helps
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    This will only work if you are using XP pro. XP home will let you get to the snap in and when u try to add it it will tell you that you cant.

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    so if thats the case,

    what do home users do?...well i mean, can they do anything?

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    Ok but how do you make an account not visable in the login screen but that it still exists...?

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    Not sure if you can do it on XP home as I have never used it. But in XP pro you can change the login type to be the normal NT ctrl-alt-del to login screen. Then you don't see the icons for each different user name.

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    yea in XP you can change the log-in scree so you have to type in the username instead of clicking on icons...but is there a way to click icons but that one exists but is not on that list...

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    To make the username clear on log in or logoff (do this)
    1. Start-Programs-Administrative Tools-Local Security Settings
    2. Click, "Local Policy"
    3. Click, "Security Options"
    4. Scroll down to "Do not display last user name in logon screen" and Double Click
    5. Check, "Enable"
    6. Click "OK"

    Thats it
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    Thanks, I have pro and have changed the appropriate permissions.

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    I found this on hiding user accounts on the login screen,00.html

    This is only a quick fix however, as they mention your files will still be in the C:\Documents and Settings folder

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