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    Ive been learning javascript and i cant get it to draw a half circle.
    here is the code i came up with

    Divisions in jscript
    <script language = "javascript">
    var mx; //users x value
    var my; //users y value
    var mr; //users radius
    var sy; //solve for y
    var i; //for loops
    var a; //misc. var
    var b; //misc. var
    var c; //misc. var
    var d; //misc. var
    sy = 1;
    mx = 100;
    my = 100;
    mr = 30;
    //draw a half circle using the equation y = sqrt(r^2-(x-j)^2-k^2); where (j, k) is the center of the circle
    for (i = 100; i < 131; i = i + 1)
    a = Math.pow(mr, 2);
    b = i - mx;
    c = Math.pow(b, 2);
    sy = a - c;
    sy = Math.floor(Math.sqrt(sy) + my);
    document.write("<div id = m["+i+"] STYLE = 'POSITION: ABSOLUTE; TOP: "+sy+"; LEFT: "+i+";'><img src = 'reddot.jpg'></DIV>");
    // document.write("a is "+a+"... b is "+b+"... c is "+c+"... d is "+d+"... sy is "+sy+"<BR>"); //this line may be used to see the value of each variable dependant on the loop
    does anyone see the problem???
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    The equation in the comment is wrong, but the one in the actual script is right, i think
    You laugh because im different, i laugh because your all the same.

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    Hi, I'm not sure I've seen that equation before.

    Usually for drawing a circle I use this equation:

    sx = x + radius * sin(i);
    sy = y + radius * cos(i);
    (x, y) is the center of the circle
    radius is the radius of the circle
    i is the running angle (0 - 180 degrees for half circle)
    (sx, sy) is the running pixel coordinate

    and use i as the loop counter.

    Note that in JavaScript's Math.sin() and Math.cos(), angle is expressed in radians instead of degrees, so you need to convert degrees to radians with this equation:
    radian = degree * PI / 180

    Hope this helps.

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