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Thread: watch'em die!

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    watch'em die!

    Talk about reality TV!


    NEW YORK -- Two-thirds of Americans polled last month said they support the idea of televising executions -- and 21 percent said they'd pay to watch Osama bin Laden put to death.
    Eleven percent said they would pay to see Saddam Hussein executed.
    The opinions on executions came in a poll taken by Harris Interactive for the Trio cable channel.

    Even though the poll found support for the idea, 54 percent said they wouldn't watch an execution on television.


    You thought Americans were barbaric before?
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    You thought Americans were barbaric before?
    No, not really.................public executions were a source of mass "entertainment" in Europe for hundreds of years? (cf. The French Revolution...........burning witches etc.)

    People are used to real violence on TV..............Waco? 9/11? wars, road accidents, murders etc.

    Given what the public are used to and the history, it is perhaps unusual that criminal executions ever became private affairs?

    Just a different slant

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    A hanging used to be a good day out for the family at one time here. So i don't find it surprising, just alittle disterbing. But then most people have not experienced violent death up close and personel. Curiosity being what it is.
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    I don't think that lethal injection would draw much of an audience......not spectactucuar enough.
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    Televising the executions of Osama Bin Laden and/or Saddam Hussein would just add to the martyrdom.'s only 21% and 11% respectively that say they'd pay to watch the executions. Must be Texans...

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    Televising the executions of Osama Bin Laden and/or Saddam Hussein would just add to the martyrdom.

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    That is quite disturbing.

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    Personally, I'm against exucution to begin with. Televising it as entertainment is just adding to the existing disgrace of it. I know in the old days it was common, but then again so was bathing only yearly, wearing mercury as make-up, useing lead for pipes, a inbreding your royalty (to keep to blood clean). People were even more stupid back then than they are today.
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    Look at the Romans. Gladiator battles were a way for politicians to curry the favor of the people. They were outings where man and their sons would go bond. The world has not necessarily progressed from then. I would not pay to watch someone get killed, I can just watch the news. While slightly disturbing, they are out to make money...


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    let's throw in some other words..

    BullFighting -> rodeo

    and ponder..

    Who would find an execution even closely exiting...
    Let's just spice it up.. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS...

    or what about clubbing to death..
    being burned alive...
    now that's an exciting execution..
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