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Thread: watch'em die!

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    Originally posted here by Conf1rm3d_K1ll
    Televising the executions of Osama Bin Laden and/or Saddam Hussein would just add to the martyrdom.

    Saddam...who cares. Now OBL... i wouldnt want to watch it or even have it televised but id pay to do it myself. and those that would consider him a martyr, id throw them in for free.

    i spent quit a few years in texas BTW and still long to be there.
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    I'm not gonna say whether I support it or not, but if they aired it I would probably watch.

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    while people are on the topic of killing people, I must say, Use cruel and unsusal punishment. The very idea of using a punishment that isnt, makes it not a punishment anymore. A punisment by nature has to be cruel and unsusal for it to have any effect, in fact to be considered a punisment at all it needs to be cruel and unusual.

    So, A soft modern american execution does not have 1/10 the impact of something like say, crucifiction, or a slow methodical method of torturing someone to death. Those seem that they would have more of an impact then the painless way of letheal injection.

    So that said, how come I cant pay $25 to watch Saddam or OBL get tortured for 3 hours on pay-per-view. That would be damn good entertainment.

    Putting executions back in the public view would have the same effect that they had 200 years ago when you could go down and watch someone get hung. It would make people realize that you could be killed if you did something bad. Not to mention that I like the idea of watching the deaths of people that this world could do without.

    Yes some may consider this uncivilized and cruel (I went over that one). But let me ask this, Isnt life one big comprimise, and is all too often about picking the lesser of the 2 evils. Granted killing someone is bad, but if that person has been a cause for great pain for a few (or thousands of people) isnt killing them in a way that inflicts a great deal of pain getting just what they deserve. Not to mention being a method of closure for the relatives/loved ones of the victems of whatever the criminal did.

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