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Thread: One More Story... Spammers Pay Trojan Writers?

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    Angry One More Story... Spammers Pay Trojan Writers?

    And you thought spammers and spyware was not bad enough, according to the story

    German magazine c't says it has evidence that virus writers are selling the IP addresses of PCs infected with Trojans to spammers. Spammers use these infected systems to unlawfully distribute commercial email messages...
    Okay, that's intersting... and it gets better:

    The Trojan involved was spread by a virus called Randex. This small program contacted its 'master' through the chat protocol IRC. It was programmed to look for CD keys of games, or secretly load additional software. The Trojan was also able to install a proxy server which can be used to relay spam through the infected PCs.

    A college student managed to track down the distributor of a computer virus in the UK, and the editorial staff of c't was then able to buy access to the infected machines.
    Which goes to show the importance of updates, patches, firewalls, AV, and not running anything that you do not know is safe. While this will not catch everything, it does help a bit. Also, this is a pretty big allegation, but I am surprised this has not been used earlier because an "infected" machine is in most cases a server the user (or admin) does not know exists, and if it is a server ready to serve it is an open book for all kinds of nasties including more spam and ads... ironically, it is most likely an ad like "LEARN HOW TO REMOVE THESE ADS BY CLICKING HERE!!"

    Information on Randex:

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    To true. Nav has been picking up trojans on some web pages ive looked at for a while now. It has only been JS Seeker exploits that ive come across in the past.
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    But still it just shows that you can never be to cautious.
    Certainly an entertaining read, i know that i'll be updating a few programs very soon..


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    the link isnt working for me but i got the idea from what you've posted. this explains a lot, like making a worm that expire in a short time hiding behind some half assed 'hacktivist' cause, gives the writer time to plant his relays and by the time the general kiddie population has a chance to get their hands on a way to use this back door its closed.

    what a disgusting way to make a living
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