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Thread: Businessman tracks down hacker

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    Businessman tracks down hacker

    POLICE in Wiltshire are investigating a series of bids to hack into a military website owned by a Trowbridge entrepreneur.

    Detectives based at Wiltshire Police's hi-tech crime unit have launched an inquiry after businessman Dominic Hayhoe traced a hacker attacking his Forces Reunited website.

    Officers executed a warrant in Chorley, Lancashire, on Thursday and a 29-year-old man was arrested.

    Computers were seized from the address and are being examined at police headquarters in Devizes.

    Mr Hayhoe said he believes the hacker could have been after e-mail addresses for the 150,000 ex-servicemen and women signed-up to the service to trace and contact old colleagues.

    Mr Hayhoe, 33, who runs the website from offices off Church Street, said he was pleased his security systems had kept the hacker at bay.

    "We became aware of one person trying to breach our security. They were coming back each time trying to get access to our web server," he said.

    "We started monitoring it to find out what they were doing and how they were doing it. No real damage was done from our point of view as they could not get to what they wanted _ our security was already high enough.

    "It is most likely they were after the 150,000 e-mail addresses. These could have been sold on or used for other purposes."

    Mr Hayhoe spent two days analysing log files in a bid to find out where the hacking originated.

    Passing all details onto the police, officers from the hi-tech crime unit took over the investigation and swooped on the Lancashire address. Mr Hayhoe said the hackers had spared no thought for his clients trying to trace old friends and colleagues.

    He said: "They don't think about the end users.

    "These guys are in their 50s and 60s and are trying to find peopl
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    Hey... Yea for The "good" Guys....

    LOL Cheers
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    Once again another "skiddie" is captured and will be spending some time with he's knew house mate Bubba.
    Anyhow nice piece of reading there, the dude musta been really desperate for those e-mail addresse's.


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    A lot of people do not realise that specialist mailing lists such as by profession, age group and geographical location are a valuable commodity and a tempting target for theft.

    Even more, the custodians of this information frequently are unaware of the damage that would be caused if the information falls into the wrong hands.............who will believe that they didn't deliberately sell it? or at best that it wasn't an "inside job"

    Good info......thanks

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    This maybe a bit on the paranoid side. But exe service people are a soft target for terrorist groups. I for one am glad forces-reunited's security was upto the task and that the web sight admins were switched on enough to take action.

    Having been on there list for a year or two myself.
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    Good Job guys.


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    Very d read but he was just after old college address maybe

    lol yeah right and my names jim
    Who am i to question your motive?

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