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Thread: Religous spamming?

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    Religous spamming?

    Got an email yesterday and today from some spammer:

    "Accept Jesus , Let him save your soul.
    Contact a local church or prayerline today.
    Once a person is in hell it is too late!
    Save your soul today.
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    Another one of the emails:

    "If your not saved you really need to be.
    Eternity is just too long of a time.
    Do not spend it in hell.
    Contact a local church or call a prayer line today do not put it off.
    This prayer can save you:
    Say, "Oh God, save my soul. I'm so sorry that I have
    sinned against you, but I have come home. I will
    serve you, Lord, the rest of my life. Deliver me
    from all my sinful habits. Set me free! I do believe
    Jesus died on Calvary for me, and I believe in His
    blood, that there is power in His blood to wash away
    all my sins, all my sins!" Say, "Come into my heart,
    Jesus; come on in, Jesus. Come on in!"
    If you meant it, He has come. If you meant it,
    Jesus is yours. Start reading your Bible, pray daily
    and believe that somebody's listening;
    His name is Jesus

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    And the final one:

    "Tomorrow is promised to nobody.
    Get God in your life today and do not put it off.
    Call a prayer line or contact a local church today,
    You will be glad you did when you are in heaven,
    you will certainly regret it if you end up in hell."

    I have to wonder about this person and how they think that spamming (which most people dislike or hate spam) people will make them want to contact a church. Especially since the reply address was not real and the keywords at the bottom to make it really look like spam. Does anyone know why spammers put words at the end of the email? What do you guys an gals think about this religious spamming? (BTW - This came to an webmaster account on our domain, so it was something we did not sign up for...Most likely someone guessed or sold my company information) HAs anyone else recieved any of these emails?
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    i am a devout Christian, and i am highly opposed to that. sure, we are supposed to help to convert people, but in a gentle, reasonable manner. spamming does not fall in there. and really, how many people are going to look at there email and say "Gee, thats a great idea! I'll become a Christian!". pathetic. thats really just pushing it. and i thought people coming to my doorstep and being like, is your father home, and then having to listen to my dad tell him how we are not going to convert to Islam, was annoying. now i havto put up with spam telling me to join a Church !

    this is too much...
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    Does anyone know why spammers put words at the end of the email?
    This should hopefully answer your question :

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    There is no way the spammers could know their target audience, I am guessing they don't go that far. I bet it's an interesting site when those messages end up in the hands of a Jew or better yet a Rabi, or people from Asia or the Middle East or India. lol.

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