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Thread: CPU overheating

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    CPU overheating

    the processor of my PC is overheating just after 10-15 minutes after booting , i have checked my CPU fan it seems to be working fine and have installed a new one just in case but it didn't help what might be be wrong. it has Intel P3 450MHz processor.

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    Hi wOlverine,

    1. Replacing the fan isn't the only thing, it must have a suitable rating for the processor.
    2. The heatsink is generally more important in day to day it approved for the processor?
    3. You need to look at the interface between the heatsink base and the surface of the the heatsink firmly seated? is there any white stuff oozing out? You DID use thermal compound I hope............and NOT the white stuff?..........OK the silver compound is is a new computer, and the silver compound is at least 10x more efficient.
    4. You should have an exhaust fan, these fit into a spare ISA/PCI slot and pump stale hot air out of the box at 40-60 cubic feet a minute.
    5. What is the temperature cut off set at in the bios?....I am assuming you have that facility?

    What makes you so sure that it is the CPU overheating?.............if it is your machine shutting down, that could also be a virus...........particularly if you are in India, there has been one going round with a timer of about 15 minutes on it, in that part of the world.

    Please give us some feedback


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    yepi forgot to tell you i have checked the Heat Sink . and yes i have used thermal compound. no the machine is not shutting down. the CPU box is becoming very hot and " how did i knew about it?" i touched the CPU . it almost burnt my hand. and i have also installed a exahust fan now, but still the processor is becoming too hot to a point that i think it would melt if i do not shut down my computer

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    is it a right cpu for your mb?
    i mean, maybe the cpu is using a higher/lower voltage then the mainboard can give it, this can also cause problems with heating...

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