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Thread: Overrated: "The Passion Of Christ"

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    Red face Overrated: "The Passion Of Christ"

    There is sooo much hype about this movie. Some say the movie is anti semetic. Some say it is not. Who gives a ****?

    Who else is not going to see it?

    Reasons I will not see it:

    1. It uses subtitles with actors that do not speak Aramaic

    2. It is cheaper to watch a priest on TV

    3. It is not a movie to knock my nads to

    4. It is over rated and Mel Gibosn should stick to marketing his face for a shower head.

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    woo, my first post in a longggg time. im going to have to disagree wiht you on that. the movie isnt even out yet, you cant really say its too hyped or something when you havent even seen it. being a Christian, and a fairly devout one at that, its kind of natural for me to disagree with you...but the point is theres not a lot you can say about a movie before it... when the matrix came out there was no hype at all, and it ended up becoming extremely popular with hundreds of spin-offs and imitations. it just goes to show that you cant really tell something about a movie before it comes out...

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    Originally posted here by Deimos326
    when the matrix came out there was no hype at all
    Thats because most of the peaple who saw the previews of the first movie only seen peaple on top of buildings and various objects explodeing or floating around. Infact if I remember correctly the only thing that was said during the commercials and the preview was "what is the matrix"...

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    Diemos, I was not talking about the quality of the movie dumbass. I gave reasons why I am not going to see it because of the huge hype surrounding something with "violence" and "anti semetism" hmmm, in those days, nobody gave two shakes about political correctness. Also, I can care less if you are Christian, Jewish, Bhuddist, or a Satan worshipper. It does not change the anything...

    It is over rated.

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