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Thread: Installing Bios?.....

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    Installing Bios?.....

    hey guys can u tell me the right steps and some safe tips in installing my updated bios for my INTELPERLL865 motherboard. i have Windows Xp Professional. ty if u post
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    to be honest.. unless you really need to update your bios to support a larger HDD, or a kn ow issue, you shouldn't "fix it.. if it ain't broke"

    Are you even sure of that mobo type ? I dont see anything like that listed searching google.

    the best way to indentify your motherboard is with the bios string you see at the bottom of the screen when the mobo first posts.. hit your pause/break key and write it down.

    and if you do flash it with the wrong bios.. you'll either kiss that mobo goodbye or you'll have to visit and pay some money for a new bios.

    edit : hehe.. I went to edit this post and my screen when blank.. reboot and my bios had loaded the default values.. talk about coincidences..

    I just wanted to say.. you really meant the Intel perl 865 mobo.. somehow, my eyes didn't read through it right.. I'd visit the intel site and I'm sure they have the correct procedure listed..

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    oops D865perl intel
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