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Thread: best all time movie and/or trilogy?

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    Cool best all time movie and/or trilogy?

    I happen to be a movie addict - there was a time when Iíd watch around 8 movies a weekend - my friends thought I was crazy!

    Anyways just for curiosity's sake whatís the best movie and/or trilogy you guys have ever seen? I have listed out according to genre as well... you could do the same if you want to

    Trilogy - The Godfather
    Drama - The Shawshank redemption
    Science Fiction - the Matrix
    Comedy -
    Thriller - Memento
    Action - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
    Horror - The silence of the lambs
    Dark Humour - Pirates of the Caribbean (I added this genre for fun coz I thought this deserved a place)
    Fantasy - Lord of the Rings - Return of the King
    Chick Flick - While you were sleeping
    Old movie - Roman holiday (it was a toss up between this and Casablanca)
    Animated movie - Shrek

    Itís too difficult to choose the best of all from what Iíve chosen here but if I absolutely had to choose the very best it would be the shawshank redemption! (With the godfather coming a close second )
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    Lord of the rings, Matrix, Red Dragon, Euro Trip.... There are many good movies out there... too many to name.

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    Lord of the rings

    is Jurassic Park considered a trilogy?

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    Lethal weapon 1-4
    Jeepers creepers 2
    Pirates of the caribbean
    gone in 60 seconds
    Blade 1 & 2
    Out cold
    13 ghosts
    The italian job
    Along came a spider
    X-men 1 & 2
    The Bourne Identity
    Tremors 1 & 2
    Terminator 1- 3

    That is about all I can think of right now

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    The Lord of the Rings trilogy was kick ass I just watched a really good movie called 'the butterfly affect' which i thought was really good
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    Back to the future trilogy
    Animatrix and Matrix trilogy
    Dead Man on Campus
    Road Trip
    Empire Records
    Senior Trip
    Austin Powers films
    Batman (the first)
    American Beauty
    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
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    Thriller - Memento
    *pffffftttt* .. Nothing is scarier than The Exorcist, IMHO. Although AFI still puts the classic Psycho as number 1.
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    Scarface, Good Fellas, Blow, Casino, Heat, The jackel.

    Fav. Trilogy is lord of the rings of course... hobits and hit-men... interesting combo eh?

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    The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Back to the future trilogy, The Shining, 28 Days Later, Godfather Trilogy
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    I loved the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones (I know, campy humor) movies as a kid. (Although I am not too fond of the new episodes) I would have to say the Lord of the Rings is my favorite trilogy.
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