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Thread: VB or C++ API

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    VB or C++ API


    I want to start writing programs that interact with XP through the windows API, and was looking for good links and open source programs. Have searched through planetsourcecode with no luck. I want to use the API for more security sided things, such as working with user accounts and the like.

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    you can make api calls with both but you'll find the c++ apps are much smaller, faster and far more portable.
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    api calls can be made with any programming language (sort of)- it's the interface between app's and windows. my point being, don't let "api calls" be a concern when deciding what language you want to program in.
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    You can find alot of info about the Windows API on MSDN.
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    Most windows API's were written to be interfaced with C/C++, as most take pointers as arguments. BUT don't let this deter you from using VB. You can use a seperate API or the varptr() function to simulate indirection in Visual Basic.

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    Unless you want to do something really hacky and low level, you can probably do it equally easily with VB.

    However I strongly discourage you from using VB because it is no longer in active development by its manufacturer (M$).

    Instead either use C++ (the various C++ compilers for win32 are mostly compatible), one of the ".NET" languages (I'd recommend C# because that's the main one really), or something else 3rd party like Delphi.

    Doing dodgy hacky low level stuff will pretty much force you to use C (Possibly C++) and maybe even assembler (trust me, you want to use C if poss). However that doesn't mean you have to write your whole program in it.


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