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Thread: Trouble Installing NAV

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    Unhappy Trouble Installing NAV

    ok guys, I took your advice and installed NAV. Whenever it finishes installing it says 'Fatal runtime error. Please uninstall and then reinstall Norton AntiVirus.' I've already installed it once, but my hard drive went on the blitz the next day and I had to get a new one so I'm trying to install it again. My questions are

    1. Did my hard driving dying have anything to do with NAV
    2. If so is this related to the same problem
    3. WHAT SHOULD I DO?????

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    Some details I should've mentioned:

    I'm running on WinXP, and I have tried several times, all with the same result

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    It would be very unusual for any software to frag a hard drive.
    I would look more at my hardware for that but you need to provide some more info because anything I come up with right now would just be a swag.
    That said how old is your system in general? Did you build it your self or is it store bought?
    If you did build it what type of board do you have and how old/powerful is your power supply.
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    I just got my computer about a month ago--bought from DELL.

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    How about giving this a read :

    How to reinstall Norton AntiVirus after you see error messages

    Hope the suggestions of Symantec's site help you in one way or another.
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    what version of NAV?
    Some are compatible, some may have issues...
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    Did you contact Dell about your hard drive issue? It would be very weird to see a hard drive die after a few months, espcially from a high classed company like Dell. I would think it might just have been one of those unlucky hard drives that were bad from the start, and things kind of fell into place.

    Also you bought it from Dell, did it not come with ANY AV software? I have seen people have 4 (yes seriously 4) different AV programs installed on their computer and it cause problems.

    And speaking from personal experience, I always have issues with computers being store bought from a name brand. Don't know what it is, if it just is all the unneeded software that seems to make the computer slow or what, but I always do a clean install of striaght XP and then load everything from there. That way you know what's installed and don't have to deal with any junk software.

    Just a thought...
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    The hard drive died only two days after it arrived. Yeah, I contacted DELL and they shipped me a new hard drive.

    It came with a 90 day trial of McAfee Security Center, but I uninstalled that before installing NAV. I am trying to install version 2003.

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