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Thread: Should we get rid of "Mr. Miyagi" ?

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    Should we get rid of "Mr. Miyagi" ?

    We still see from time to time people confused about this warning page when their negative points puts them down in that range.. Personally, I think that the message should be changed to accurately describe to that user what it's all about without any humiliation.. let's face it, jp's sense of humor was sometimes a bit strange.. (I'm thinking of the suicidal gif of a person hanging by rope as well)

    edit : I might be mixing things up here. Was Mr. Miyagi the out of balance message ?
    (I haven't seen them in a long time)

    but my point is.. maybe both messages need some editing..

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    We can fix the problem of users whining about the 'confusing' message easily -- ban them as soon as they reach 0 antipoints. Then flash them a nice little popup explaining how to create a new account and troll more effectivley - hey, they are gonna go do it anyway.

    "Back in my day", and im sure this is the case with many of the users on this board, *I* found myself able to easily get over the 'pain in the ass' message, and i didnt get suicidal tendancies from looking at the hanging-man. Honestly, i think you should give the bulk of new users a little more credit -- they aren't *all* whinging prepubsecents who can't tell "LOL" from "KEKEKEKE ^___^".


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    I have mixed feelings about banning users without a warning though. You have to remember that some people use the AP system to put others down just because, and sometimes people will gang up on one individual and really lower their status. So I think consideration of when someone is banned should still be in mind.

    Though I agree that when this was JP's site, things worked a little differently. Now that it's controlled by a company rather than one individual, maybe it is time to update all the warning pages and such. It just seems like the thing to do since people can't run back to JP and ask questions like it was back then.

    But if the warning page, or really any page, gets updated... maybe it should be a vote by the community? Or at least let everyone throw in their word so that it can be something that everyne agrees on. People can make things more diverse than one person, right?

    Just a thought...
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    I think it needs to be reworked a small bit. I gave out my first positive antipoint with a value today and I get the message saying I am being too generous.
    Ok it is true 1 positive antipoints weights much more than 0 negative antipoints.
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    I was looking through the various AP messages today and I kindof like the Mr. Miyagi message...we could make the message more straightforward, but I get the impression that most folks here would prefer to keep those messages a bit less formal. If that's not the case, we can certainly edit it.

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