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Thread: is this some kind of adware?

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    is this some kind of adware?

    about 3 days ago i noticed i had something in my applications window on my task manager, i keep ending the process and everytime i connect to the net it starts back up.
    the running app. is called violation dlg.
    is this a malfunction? some kind of adware?
    i have run spybot..nothing
    nothing comes up on the scans...i havent tweaked anything lately and googled it with nothing again.
    does anyone know what this is?
    im on an xp if that helps!
    many thanks in advance!!

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    I would suggest that you get something like WinPatrol. It will monitor your running programs plus give you more information on what the programs are that are running.
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    This is what dlg stands for
    DLG = ArcView : Graph file
    DLG = Dialog Resource Script : MS WINDOWS

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    An interesting one!

    Here is some "help"

    Yes, I of the French guys complained that what was suggested to him was "all in English"

    Can you get a copy of HijackThis, run it, save and post the log..............sorry, no link.....a lot of DDoSing of security sites at the moment so we have to go on a day by day basis

    It looks like it is some sort of test to see if whatever is talking to a human rather than a bot?

    Have you been to a site where you had to put a series of numbers in order?

    Most odd..............please post the HijackThis log.

    Bon chance mon ami

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    dead addict > i did manage to pull that from google...but iam confused, is this meaning that i have a malfunction somewhere? i said i havent geeked anything lately...did something just "crap out?"
    everything is operating fine as far as i have seen.
    nihil > i too am curious...and if iam not able to find an answer here i will be sure to install hijack this and i will also post the log.
    thank you all for responding so far....i am still on the lookout for answers so please dont pass this thread up if anyone has an idea of what this may be.
    many thanks to all of you that have contributed and those that will!!


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