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Thread: Must Have Tools For A NetAdmin

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    Smile Must Have Tools For A NetAdmin

    What are the MUST have tools for a Network Administrator. What tools are too be used to analyze, protect, and maintain a Network's security?

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    572 Here is a nice spot for things you are talking about, from NMAP to SAMBA, and beyond.



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    Advanced Administrative Tools.

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    Simple, check this thread and you'll find all kinds of goodies:

    'Nuff said....
    - Maverick

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    re: must have tools


    It depends greatly on exactly what your reponsibilities are in the enterprise I would say. For example, if you're a DBA and part of your role is db security, possessing nmap isn't going to help you along very much. On the contrary, is part of your duties include performing ST&E and your conducting penetration testing , nmap could be extremely useful whilst database specific tools would be wasteful (in the context of the example...yes, db security could be targeted during pen testing...:P ). I think the point stands to reason though.

    Now, there are obvious arguments that one should have a giant toolbox full of tools that cover all phases of security. The above posters have given links to excellent lists. What I'd like to add though, is this (and i believe it should be no.1 on every tool list).

    1. knowledge

    Having all of the latest and greatest tools won't amount to a hill of beans if you don't understand how, when, and why to use them. On that note, my no.2 is:


    Learn it. Use it. Live it...

    and finally, my fav @ no.3:

    3. ask questions

    I love asking questions and i find it immensely supportive of prime directive no.1 to seek out "experts" and communities such as this and just start asking intelligent, well thought out questions. The answers may not always make sense, but eventually the pieces begin to fit together.

    Cheers and good luck,

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